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Keep Cannabis out of Canadian Liquor Stores!

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The future of cannabis looks bright - with legalization on the horizon in Canada, it's easy to think the hard part is over. But one man's medicine is another man's business opportunity. Liquor Control Boards across Canada are lobbying for a monopoly on the sale of recreational cannabis. Their arguments are based on an apples to oranges comparison of alcohol and cannabis.  This is made evident by their ignorance to the fact that the effects of alcohol and cannabis intensify  when mixed. Hard liquor - combined with the growing variety of shatter, hash, and other concentrates is dangerous. Not to mention the fact that Cannabis is used medically to treat alcoholism. Selling the two side-by-side is insulting and potentially dangerous to the consumer. 

The liquor board had no interest in the movement leading up to legalization.  Where were they during Marc Emery's arrest and extradition, or during Don Briere's prison sentence? Have they ever offered their support to the countless other activists currently imprisoned for pot?   These are the risks cannabis activists have taken - getting medicine to the people who need it, instead of waiting for the government to get over the multi-generational smear campaign that was "reefer madness". We cannot allow them to swoop in at the final hour and take this away from the local business owners. Canada will be setting an international precedent by legalizing marijuana; let's make sure it's done right. Your support will show Canada's health minister, Dr. Jane Philpott, that the Canadian Cannabis community stands against this misguided and ultimately destructive plan. 


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