It is time for free post secondary education in Canada

It is time for free post secondary education in Canada

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Why this petition matters

My name is Benjamin, I am a young person with a physical disability, Cerebral Palsy, and I live with a significant chronic pain condition. I am currently studying Politics and Governance at Ryerson University. 

I am deeply concerned about the rising cost of post-secondary education in Canada today.  The truth is it is becoming more and more challenging to be a student living in Canada every year.  For far too many Canadians, this has meant that their dream of going to University and obtaining a degree is no longer possible.

Recently, in Ontario, the Progressive Conservative government, under Doug Ford, slashed the funding to the Ontario Student Assistance  Program, (OSAP), cutting thousands of dollars in needed financial aid for students. Personally, for me, these reckless cuts resulted in a 40% reduction in my funding this year, amounting to a $6,000 drop in the finding I could access.  As far as other resources go, I have no family support, and due to my disability, gaining meaningful employment is virtually impossible.

Everyone knows that education is a great equalizer and can lift people out of poverty and transform lives.  The current Government invests in infrastructure for our future. However, they do not do the same for education. I feel this is nearsighted.  If young people are allowed to succeed, our entire country will benefit. Education helps individuals and their families by giving them the tools they need to thrive in their communities and contribute to Canadian society as a whole. 

Over the past number of years, the cost of post-secondary education in Canada has increased exponentially, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The fact is the piecemeal financial support system has not worked.  It is time for real action! In my heart, I know there is a better way. Post-secondary education is not a privilege only for the wealthy and their children. It should be a fundamental human right. The Governing politicians must start treating education as a fundamental human right.  Educating everyone to their full potential regardless of their financial resources will significantly improve the productivity of our fantastic country

Several countries around the world have recognized the importance of providing no-cost access to post-secondary education, where the only criteria are intelligence and aptitude.  Some of these countries include Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Interestingly these countries vary greatly in their demographics, economics, and geography; however, despite these differences, they have all chosen to prioritize free access to post-secondary education. 

Canada can and must do the same.  It is not reasonable or acceptable for students to graduate with thousands of dollars of debt.  In some cases, this financial burden becomes the reason for declaring bankruptcy.  

Our government needs to take action immediately to allow the intellect of our students be fostered and promoted without the burden of debt.   Our country will flourish under this model.  

We must demand that our government make the necessary changes to support our intellect not to foster brain drain due to finances. 

Please sign my petition and show your support today to ensure that every  Canadian has access to free post-secondary education!

798 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!