Invite victims of Trump's immigration policies to come to Canada

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Since Trump's inauguration, the lives of millions of immigrants in the US have been turned upside-down. Periodic ICE raids, families ripped apart and living in constant fear of deportation are now everyday realities for millions of immigrants and their American children, the vast majority of whom have been a part of the US fabric for years or decades.

In addition, the Trump administration is ending the few protections that did exist, including deporting those without any criminal record, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status). In the last two years, Trump has ended the TPS for about 400,000 people. Most of them have been in US for decades and are fully integrated and productive members of their community.

In the face of such state terror, the world cannot just sit and watch. Canada has a moral obligation to help those most affected by Trump's immigration policies, and is in unique position to do so.

As a first step, we petition the Canadian government to: Invite all TPS recepients whose status has been revoked by Trump administration, to apply for resettlement to Canada on humanitarian grounds.

This includes, for example, 86,000 Hondourans who have been in the US for over 20 years, with legal work permits due to TPS. Their status was revoked in May 2018. These are families that with deep roots in the community, fully integrated in the US labour market, with many US-born children.

This bold action will send strong message to the US and the world that Canada stands on the right side of history.  Canada would also receive tremendous economic and demographic boost from this policy.