Investigate Ministry of Transport for the current road situation in Quebec

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Corruption in the Quebec  Ministry of Transport for ordering low grade asphalt with intention to be redone over and over spending Canadians tax money.

Corruption within the officials respresponsible for overseeing: thickness of asphalt used during road build, quality of ordered & delivered asphalt. 

Corruption in the chosen contractors to perform the work. 

We are tired to pay repair bills for our vehicles due to the poor road conditions 

We are tired to drive on destroyed roads 

We are tired to be the only province in Canada with this problem which has persisted for decades. 

We are tired from the pathetic excuses that are fed to us by media that this is caused by weather and salt.( drive to Ottawa or Plattsburgh which are an hour from Montreal and have the same weather conditions but has flawless  roads) 

We are Canadians and residents of Quebec we demand a deep investigation by RCMP and the Canadian Federal Gouvernement!