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Increase Therapy & Program Options for Adults with Autism

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Hi there,

My name is Julia, I am a Grade 12 student. I am writing to you today, regarding a matter of the utmost importance. This issue has been discarded in the past but I hope with your assistance, that the issue will be brought to light once again.

I feel very connected to this issue as my youngest brother was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months. Being in my situation, it is easy to see the struggles in which these individuals face daily. Autism is a challenge in itself, language barriers, temperamental/behavioral issues, learning and developmental delays etc.

Those who are eighteen and under are able to file for disability tax and have numerous programs or therapy options to apply for. Unfortunately, individuals nineteen and over do not have the same opportunities. There is a lack of basic funding and programs to further develop, socialize, and strengthen the mental and physical well being of these adults.

For the programs that are available, are in some cases not accessible to families mainly due to financial issues. There are limited programs in the GTA that do focus on more specific issues such as Communication Therapy, Psychological Assessments and so on. Although these efforts are appreciated, the centers that offer these programs have extensively long waiting lists. Which comes with its own set of issues.

The largest organization in Canada that supports adults living with Autism (and other intellectual disabilities) is L’Arche. This program is very centered towards integrating those both living with and without disabilities, creating a sense of community. The goal of L’Arche is to help one reach their true potential.

If there were more opportunities similar to L’Arche readily available, our society would be in a much better place. With the right resources and programs accessible, said individuals would be able to learn the social skills in order to be employed, develop relationships of mutuality, and furthermore add to our society.

It is in Canada’s best interest that the Government creates more programs accessible to those dealing with intellectual disabilities. The lack of funding is a major issue that needs to be addressed, it is not only the Government that needs to contribute but also society. There needs to be more advertising, matching employee donations, recruiting volunteers and supporting basic legal human rights to overall better the community of adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and every other intellectual disability. 

To have this merely taken into consideration by the Government of Canada, I will need at least 1000 signatures. Please do all you can to raise awareness and help. It is crucial for these individuals to have just and fair opportunities.

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