Why basic first-aid should be included in our school's syllabus.

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Summary: A few classmates and I have found a discrepancy in our school's education system. All of this time we spend learning about math and science, we don't spend time learning basic first-aid. Our idea doesn't extend the full range of students, for example not elementary students but grade 7 and up. (Note, not specific grades just an idea for when it should be included in our curriculum.)

Personal story: We're students in a Canadian school and for a project we were to create a solution to the sustainable development goals. Our idea was to fix our amount of Good Health and Well Being, so from that base idea we decided to create a petition to change our school system.

The Issue: In our opinion, we think that people nowadays don't take care of themselves enough, kids and adults alike. So our idea is that, if we teach children about health literacy and basic first aid methods it will, 1. Increase their Good Health and Well Being, 2. The knowledge will develop in future generations, and they could potentially help their loved ones.

Take Action! Having this petition go though, will adjust our future enormously. Our overall health increased by a significant amount. If we want to live to see our world after completing the sustainable development goals, we MUST have this in our school curriculums.