Improvements in corrections

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As a prison wife and activist representing fellow prison wives and inmates across Canada I bring to your attention the issues that are taking place in correctional facilities across the country.  

One of the main issues that many families of inmates have are in the federal system.  Federal institutions across Canada use ion scanners which create false positives and often visitors are denied entry into the prison to visit their loved ones.   Unless you are a prison wife or have a loved one incarcerated you will never know how important a visit really is.   As a prison wife who has visited federal prisons before I have been through those scanners and they are every visitors nightmare.   From my own experience I have had to take extra measures such as wash my clothes and put them in a Ziploc bag and not remove until I get ready for my visit.  I have had to soak my money over night to make sure that it does not trip off the ion scanner .  These are ridiculous measures one has to take to visit a loved one. Especially when they quite often produce false readings effecting people's visits .

Ion scanners are only one of the many issues in Canadian  correctional institutions.  The excessive use and over use of administrative segregation is a practice that needs to end.  Many institutions use segregation for extended periods of time when even the United Nations says that 15 days should be the maximum.  If this is the case then why are inmates being held in segregation for 2 years or more at a time .  Segregation effects inmates psychologically, and physically.   Being locked in a cell for 23 hours a day for extended periods effects people .  As a prison wife and prison activist I have seen the effects it has on people from parinoa, short temper, rage, anger, psychosis, health problems occur such as weight loss from being stressed, skin problems from lack of fresh air, problems sleeping .  It causes problems in relationships as inmates become distant from their spouse and family when released and lack trust of others on the outside. 

Medical care is another issue that needs to  be addressed .  Inmates have issues receiving proper health care .  They are waiting forever for simple things like seeing a doctor which is their fundamental right .  Unless they are bleeding and close to death they are denied care. 

There is the issue of deaths in jail.  Why is it that in a institution who uses these ion scanners to combat contraband from getting into institutions are there inmates dying inside from overdoses and why is it that these are not getting noticed right away but hours later where if guards were doing their rounds when they were supposed to be perhaps then these deaths could be avoided.

There are many issues in corrections that need to be addressed but these are the greatest ones . As a prison wife and activist I consider these important issues.  A prison wives greatest fear is to not have her husband come home or a mother  not have her son come home . These issues need to addressed and change needs to take place rather than be ignored and swept under the rug.