Improve the road conditions between Port Alberni and Bamfield British Columbia

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The bus teetered and with a collective scream we slammed into the ground, glass broke and bodies toppled on top of each other. Sliding 20 feet down the embankment, our lives would never be the same again
On September 13th 2019 two first-year biology students who attended the University of Victoria died in a fatal bus crash off the treacherous gravel road that connects the town of Port Alberni to Bamfield British Columbia. Hundreds of trips are scheduled to the Bamfield Marine Centre each year; many are organized by high schools and post-secondary institutes meaning that this very poorly maintained narrow and dangerous road is used a primary route of transportation to bus large numbers of teenagers and young adults with all the known associated risk factors, and no one seems to care enough to do anything to improve the safety of the road. Despite the pressure from Huu-ay-aht First Nations community who use the road frequently for daily commute and the efforts made by chief councillor Robert Dennis who says that he has been "trying for years" to influence the government to change the conditions of the road, but still nothing happened. I sincerely believe that the ignorance of this situation is what lead to the fatal accident this past weekend.
Our bus driver was an experienced one, but in turn, wouldn't make a difference. By the time we had reached the gravel road it was soon approaching total darkness, it had rained off and on that day and in the 85km stretch between towns the road is a total dead zone for cell service. We had the odds stacked against us we just didn't know it yet. Alberni Shuttle island owner Gaiga said that she has stopped taking students to and from Bamfield for the reason that she felt unsafe EVERY time she drove the route even saying that "It's a whole different kind of driving there," and that "If you go too fast, if you hit a rough patch or a turn the wrong way, you're just floating on that gravel. It's nasty." and stating that she had has a lot of close calls. The crash was bad, not as bad as it could've been, we only flipped once onto the right side of the bus, almost onto to the ceiling if it weren't for the line of trees that caught the bus before the next rotation, the results would have been much much worse... undoubtedly there would have been many more fatalities.
It is my hopes that after this deadly incident that we as a community as able to pressure the provincial, and the federal government to improve the quality of this one specific road so that the hoards of students travelling on it are guaranteed their safety. If that's not doable I want to see a mandatory change in the way students are transported to the Bamfield centre; either in smaller more manoeuvrable vehicles or by the very accessible Francis Barkley Ferry in Fort Alberni. The method of travel and the way this all happened is an unacceptable standard. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened, and I hope that everyone feels strongly enough to spark change so that it may never happen again.