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I to I. In-sight to Inspiration. Promoting Health Care for All Canadians

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I to I. In-sight to Inspiration. Inspiration to Integration. Share your eyes to support compassion, communication and collaboration in health care. 

Let us see eye to eye. Let us have those without doctors IN our SIGHT and let that inspire us to more. Let us take those insights and integrate knowledge with what we value and need. Everything our minds, our lives, work better when integrated so does our care. Let us see the doctors who work day in day out without savings, pensions or health plans with new eyes. 

Our province is not working at enticing doctors to Nova Scotia by virtue of the dictatorial, irrational decisions being made without consulting the people it affects. Doctors are restricted in their practices so much so that it is a deterrent. NP's with decades of experience are not allowed to practice to their full scope which would enable us to care for more patients. I call this a disincentive to collaboration.

We come to work when we are sick, we work when we have had babies, we work when we should be home caring for our own sick children, we work when we are grieving, we work when we should be sleeping, we work when others would have family dinner, we work when our marriages have collapsed, we work when it is needed despite the cost to our own health and well-being. This is not healthy, authentic, sustainable or compassionate. 

The worst threat to our system isn't the lack of doctors alone but the fact that all front line health care providers are burned out. The statistics exceed 50% and the suicide rates among doctors are 4 times that of the general population. We can't continue even if we were to stay the same and not deteriorate. Those we have are not healthy and this is not a healthy place from which to care. This is not a crisis but a catastrophe. 

Its the principle. People and health care providers are numbers. This is wrong. We are all humans in need of care at some point or other. There are humane, rational, kind solutions but people in positions of power to make positive changes are not listening. With value and respect for the vital role that so many different practitioners play we could start to address the shortage with existing resources.This rational kind of decision making would start to interest people to a province  and a country that genuinely embraces the tenants of wellness by caring about people through a shared sense of humanity. By communicating and working together. Working together i.e. "collaborating". As long as the mechanistic, reductionist, monetarily driven approach is utilized the more we stand to lose. Stand up for change as there are many who are too vulnerable, mentally ill, frail, elderly and unable to. This is unacceptable.

The tax issue is just one tree among a forest in a landscape of health care reform that is dis-eased. 

When people are faceless they are very vulnerable to becoming a mere number. Objectification happens when a quantifiable approach is taken to address our health care crisis. But let's pretend it is a faceless disease. It would be bigger than SARS, bigger than Flu because it affects each and every one of us. What would it be if we responded to this like a public health issue. How would we respond differently if we saw this as a natural disaster ? 

We know the dangers and what has been lost with the overuse of technology, email communication and social media. We don't look into each other's eyes, no wonder we don't see eye to eye on health care.We stand to lose a human connection; the very thing that has led to our survival as a species. Darwin didn't state it was "survival of the fittest" this was in fact his protege. He in fact spoke to a survival of the most collaborative; the most kind in essence. It makes sense. We are not in a time where common sense prevails. We need to be.

Our faceless, voiceless mass of uncared for patients engenders objectification and  poses a real threat to the very fabric of our socialized health care system and to collaboration. Decisions are based on numbers not persons. Health care is personal. This is a human issue. This is an issue of who and what we value as a society. This is about who we want to be as Canadians and as humans who represent the fabric of a socialized health care system that once gave us bragging rights abroad. This is a qualitative issue not a quantitative issue one that requires compassion, communication and collaboration. Why are we talking survival in a country where everyone could thrive? 

Please help me start this campaign to give a face to those deserving of consideration, compassion and care. Collaborate with me to lend voice to this cause as it is not an issue of doctor vs patient. We are all human and we all ail and die. We need to hold our shared sense of humanity with compassion. Together we can see eye to eye. Let's inspire. Lets integrate and come together to generate healthy, sustainable, compassionate solutions. 

Please send a photo (eyes only please) to 

Living Well is a small business and it does not generate profit. so I write this not out of interest in tax laws; although they concern us all, but out of a commitment I've made to a vision of health care that promotes and practices compassion, communication and collaboration.

Please share and help me generate many images as a public way to meet eye to eye. Prime Minister Trudeau please look into the eyes of our people and share our sense of humanity. It is time for Canada to be well. It is time for healthy reform and health is about so much more than illness. Let us thrive. 

Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP
Living Well Integrative Health Center, founder
2176 Windsor Street, Halifax NS news/pmh-success-story-dr- maria-patriquin/
Association for Positive Psychiatry of Canada, founding & board member.
Physician Lead: Group Medical Visits CHTeams/NSHA
Mental Health Committee Atlantic Canada Representative, CFPC
2016 PMH Care and Compassion Grant CFPC: Submit your story to
Assistant professor Dalhousie University Department of Family Medicine

Promoting compassion, communication and collaboration in health care.


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