"I Can't Breathe", RBC! Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

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I am a Black man, originally from The Bahamas, a veteran of the offshore financial services industry. I was recruited into RBC in Nassau and soon relocated to Toronto for a developmental assignment. Despite my qualifications and experience, I had to work twice as hard to be considered worthy of the position. I was never treated as an equal. As an example, at the request of a high-net-worth client in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, I was removed as Relationship Manager on his account. My "crime"? Plain and simple, I was Black! What was worse was the fact that RBC complied.

Later, I was coaxed into returning to The Bahamas, with promises of a position with RBC Dominion Securities that were too good to ignore. My newborn son was mere months old when we left his country of birth, Canada. What ensued were only further examples of the injustices and discrimination I faced at RBC. The promises made never materialized and I faced additional, systemic obstacles. In the end, I was terminated without cause and have been seeking justice ever since. My family was torn apart and I was blacklisted in my own country for taking a stance against RBC. For 5 years, I could not find work. All jobs I qualified and applied for went to foreigners on work permits, RBC included.

RBC rules The Bahamas economically, having been there longer than anywhere in Canada, except where it started in Halifax. Although mind and management is in Canada, RBC uses legal machinations and its immense influence in both the legal and judicial systems (all of which are inextricably tied to the political life) in The Bahamas. Corruption there is the rule of law. The case I have against RBC in the Supreme Court there, over a decade now, is going nowhere.

The murder of George Floyd spurred a worldwide movement that has given hope to what I thought would never happen: Justice. RBC has had its knees in the back of my neck for 23 years now, and still counting. Unlike George Floyd, I am still alive. Through his death, a tidal wave of voices crying out for change has swept across the Planet. Not only Blacks, but all races, religions, etc., are demanding equality and justice and an end to these kinds of racist and discriminatory practices. Please join me in calling for answers, accountability and closure in what is due to me from RBC.

This Petition will be submitted to the Attorney General of Canada; Canada Revenue Agency; Consulates/Embassies of countries that have tax treaties with Canada, and the OECD. I am demanding the following:

  1.  Compensation from RBC, primarily for the US$40 million book of business under my management at the time of my dismissal, as well as other losses suffered;
  2.  Investigation into RBC for what I believe to be a violation of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act in its dealings with elected and appointed officials in the Government and Judiciary of The Bahamas, as it relates to my stalled case against RBC in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas;
  3. Investigation into RBC for what I feel is a violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights;
  4. Investigation into RBC for what I feel is a violation of International Labour Organization Convention C111 on Discrimination (Employment and Occupation); and
  5. CRA investigation into RBC as it relates to the Panama Papers and related OECD Blacklist concerns and compensation as a Whistleblower.

Thank you! Chi Miigwech!