Housing & Human Rights

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Immediate Help Needed.  In 2019, among the most important issues in determining vote were the cost of living and housing.

The government has increased the price for renting every year.  They have made the rich people to become more richer and at the same time have also TOTALLY failed to keep those who rent to do their obligations for tenant(s) and following the laws.  

I need urgent help to stop the terribly unjustly, discriminatory and retaliating, fraudulent etc. eviction of us from our apartment.  At Christmas time, they already deliberately/illegally/secretly /fraudulently/suddenly/verbally/discriminatory etc. inhumanly evicted my son and illegally seized his belongings during his Christmas school break.  I am a single mother etc.  I was at our apartment when they did those to my son at the lobby of the building and they deliberately did not contact me.

It has been a year of their intensive stalking/threatening/ harassment/discrimination and retaliation/abuse /fraudulence/insulting/terrible lying/humiliation/scaring /intimidation etc.  Before, it was also told me many times how much more money they would make if they would rent our apartment to the new tenants instead of us.  I made our rental agreement with the initial owner of this business a long time ago.  They also have deliberately failed to do repairs/maintenance/ replacement of things in our old apartment etc. including I provided documentation from the physicians in support of us etc. 

I am afraid for our safety etc.  It has happened in British Columbia, but by others’ review this business has had the same/similar problems e.g. stalking, many break ins into the apartment by their worker(s) etc. in Alberta too when they also bought some property for rent there too.  They have been unsafe for us/others etc.

“Many landlords have made enormous profits from renters over the years" and the government “should adopt a temporary rent freeze like New York City did between 2015 and 2017” (Kerr, 2018, September 26).

Although BC Premier John Horgan said, “It’s simply not sustainable for renters, many of whom are on fixed incomes, to see their rent increase” (Kerr, 2018, September 26), the reality is different what the government has done, as well as it is the totally opposite what Justin Trudeau etc. globally claimed about Human Rights and Women’s Rights defense in Canada.

The arbitrator was terrible, outrageous, offensive etc. toward me/my child/my son/our family etc.  She together with the stalker who showed up by fraud/surprise etc. to the hearing at BC Residential Tenancy Branch coerced/threatened/tortured/abused etc. me. 

Help hold governments accountable

Stop the terribly wrong etc. eviction of us from our apartment and other violations of our rights

Permanently ban P. Senay to work as an arbitrator

Make P. Senay to get the psychiatrist’s assessment of her and get treatment for her problems

Helping us helps also to defend other people’s Human Rights Women’s Rights in Canada

Thank You!  

Kerr, J. (2018, September 26). Province cuts allowable rent hike to 2.5% in 2019. Vancouvercourier.