Save HINDUS in Bangladesh

Save HINDUS in Bangladesh

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Halifax Bangladeshi Hindu Community started this petition to Justin Trudeau - Honorable Prime Minister of Canada (Honorable Prime Minister of Canada) and

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HINDUS have been brutally attacked during the Durga Puja celebrations in Bangladesh recently. This is the biggest religious festival for Hindus in Bangladesh and was held from October 13 to 16 this year. The violence against the community continues to this day with more incidents being currently reported. A sample of media reports of incidents in this period is as under 

CTV News says,

[1] “six Hindus were killed in separate attacks”, “attackers torched the homes of Hindus in a fishing village on Sunday night. They also stole cash, cattle, and other valuables during the attack”

The Guardian says

[2] “About 10 Hindu temples and shrines were attacked”, “More than 80 … shrines were attacked”, “about 150 Hindus injured and two killed”.


As Canada has a strong voice in the global human rights arena, through this petition, we request the Government of Canada to issue a statement strongly condemning the mindless violence and to take this matter up with the appropriate authorities in the Government of Bangladesh to ensure that the lives and livelihood of minorities are protected.

We call on everyone to join hands and strengthen our petition. This petition, in unison, with other calls to action from all corners of the globe, will strengthen the appeal to the Government of Bangladesh to ensure the protection of HINDUS and conduct an impartial probe to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

This petition also highlights the fact that religious discrimination has been present amongst certain sections of Bangladeshi society and that the continual protection of minorities is essential for their survival. 

By supporting this petition, we also stand in solidarity with the victims of this violence in their time of grief and extend our support to them as they rebuild their lives.

Halifax Bangladeshi Hindu Community

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!