Hold them Accountable.

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Indigenous people were promised 118.2 million dollars for youth programs and mental health services by 2019. Ontario has upgraded services available to Indigenous people; however, what is happening with the rest of the country? We are holding the government accountable for their promises and hoping Trudeau will enforce these promises onto the MP's to enact change.

Our solution is for the government to ensure their promises to Indigenous people are met. We want to see progress in their actions of providing facilities for youth to obtain help. We want these programs readily available before the crisis happens not just after these tragedies take place.

Personal story
We are Seneca students learning about the tragic history in Canada and the impact this has had on the Indigenous Youth. We are bringing awareness to the suicide rates in youth within Indigenous communities and the domino effect that takes place after. We would like this cause to be recognized and acknowledged by fellow Canadians so we can come together to implement change for the future.