Help Save the Deaf & Hard of Hearing school program in Durham region from being eliminated

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The goal of this petition is to save & grow the DHH Program that is currently being offered at Hillsdale Public School in Oshawa.
Our children currently attend this elementary school program that has been around for over 16 years. Unfortunately For the past few years, the Durham District School board has been slowly and underhandedly trying to eliminate this program - by making the program more and more unappealing each year. Also manipulating the information being shared by the Infant Hearing Program, and turning away / ignoring families interested and in need of this program (by never giving them a chance to visit the school, not returning phone calls / emails, and also refusing to provide information to parents who have tried to contact the school directly).
We are looking for families that would be interested in this program. The school board has now cut half the program ( JK - Gr.3) due to "lack of interest / registration" - but we have been notified that 11 families of DHH children were enrolled in DDSB this year - and were never even offered this program as an option (or they contacted the school and were ignored until they had to register their children into mainstream programs).
This DHH program exceeds all expectations. It has changed our children's lives for the better - and we cannot risk them losing access to this resource. Being part of the deaf culture is a major reason why our children have flourished in this program. Our children need to be a part of their culture - and putting them in a program as this one, allows them better access to education that is tailored to meet their needs, they are taught by DHH teachers, they are taught in a total communication program with access to speech AND ASL! They also learn to advocate for themselves, they learn about the deaf culture. - and this helps grow their confidence and life skills. They also feel like they have a sense of family being with others like themselves! 

Please I’m asking for your help and to sign this petition so we can take it to the next level in hopes to save the Deaf and hard of hearing program in Durham region from being phased out.