Help Nova Scotia Natives Keep Their Right to Fish

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Indigenous people, specifically Mi’kmaw in Nova Scotia, rely heavily on fishing as a source of income and food. It is in our treaty rights to have a moderate livelihood and that includes fishing. 

White commercial fishermen are trying to stop Indigenous people from practicing their rights to fish. White owned stores are denying Natives the right to purchase boat fuel and other necessary fishing supplies. There are blockades being made to prevent natives from going out to fish. Natives are being harassed by other fishermen on the water. White fishermen are shooting flare guns at their boats in attempt to sink them and drown Native fishermen.

The DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) is doing nothing to help our people. The RCMP and other police officials are doing nothing and even encouraging the harassment and assault of Native fishers. Multiple Native fishermen have been assaulted and threatened with racist language, this has to stop. It is within our treaty rights to fish year round whether you like it or not.

Please sign this petition to pressure officials like Justin Trudeau and Stephen McNeil to take action to stop the mistreatment and violence against our first peoples.