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The email has been sent to Liberal Member of Parliament

Dear Hon. Joyce Murray, Please find attached a petition signed by more than 500 Canadian-Iranians. We are truly concerned about the current critical condition in Iran with regards to the rapidly increasing numbers of COVID-19 positive cases. Many of us have relatives who are at high-risk of infection but we aren’t even able to find out their infected status because of the extreme shortage of diagnostic kits and medical supplies.  We would like to take this opportunity to ask you and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take action and help us find a robust way of sending health supplies to the affected cities and hospitals. The virus is rapidly spreading all over the country and people are dying there every minute just because of the extreme shortage of diagnostic kits which itself can result in a global health threat and spread to other regions even North America. We would like to ask you sincerely to help us support our families who are struggling with Corona virus.  Having access to health care is a fundamental human right regardless of race, nationality and religion. We as Canadian-Iranians feel proud to live in Canada and be proud citizens of a country whose leaders are champions of humanitarian actions. We really appreciate if you meet with us to discuss our concerns and find a way to aid the people that need it the most. Thank you

Nasim Lowlaavar
2 years ago