Help for who are on Work Permit

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This petition is on the behalf of International Students or any International who is on work permit. Many of us are in trouble because of Covid-19 and It is getting difficult for us to apply for PR. Many of us do not have jobs and many of us are laid off from the work. Because of this, We are wasting our time and We all have limited amount of time to apply for PR. There are many workers whose work permit is about to expire and no action has been taken on this issue. We, The People, who spend and give so much to Canadian government in the form of Taxes and Boosting Canadian economy while working should focus on this issue. So, that there will not be any discrimination against any of the International and give fair chances for everyone to be Resident or Citizen of this great land. 

Government can help us by changing and making the rules easier for PR all over Canada or to extend the time of work permits. If, this will be done by government than Canada will attract many educated workers from all over the world as they will see the importance of workers in Canada. 

We, as International Students and International‘s working in Canadian market want Canadian Government to take actions as soon as possible.