Help disabled Canadians have a life.

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I want to make it easier for Canadians with disabilities receive help, resources, and financial aid that can actually support a healthy way of life.

Four years ago I developed ms. Although at the time I was misdiagnosed and led to believe I would get better. Due to that I have been cut off of support, lost my independence, my home, my car, everything I had was lost. I went through all my savings and almost ended up on the streets. I met my husband and he supported me right from the start he knew our life would be difficult, he did not know that standing by me would put him into bankruptcy. That he would lose everything he had worked for himself. We moved to be close to doctors for me but we couldn't afford a safe place to live and soon moved to live with his mom in BC turns out there are no family doctors there, I had no help and was forced to attempt working part time. Daily I would come home in tears, sometimes not even making it through a shift before being sent home. Eventually my parents offered to pay our way to move across to Ontario where I assumed it would be easier to get help. I was wrong! Even though I finally got properly diagnosed with Ms, fibromialgia, anxiety, depression, chronic migraines, and insomnia it seems there is no help for me. I applied for cpp but was told I should be able to take more drugs and work part time, that because I wasn't working fulltime since developing this I will not get help. How can I work? From the time I wake up I am vomiting, crying in pain, have such severe diarrhea I have accidents, my nerve pain makes my hands and legs feel like they are on fire, I have decreased sensations so I constantly fall or trip or drop things, I get a tremor in my head and arms especially when upset or tired which is all the time. I went to a psychiatrist and was told I don't matter that my life is pointless and there is no help for me. And I keep finding new ways that agree with her diagnosis. I am a burden to my parent's and husband I can't work and can't get help there is something wrong with that. Honestly I think about suicide daily now. 

I just want to be able to afford my medications, to be able to buy my dogs food or have a cup of coffee. Some semblance of being a worth while human being. I don't understand why some people get every handout and hand up imaginable and even though I had been a super hard worker I am being treated like I should just die. I would like to be able to get out of my parents basement but because my husband bairly clears 2000$ a month and has to support me we can't afford to live anywhere else if it wasn't for digging ourselves into a huge hole with my parents we would be homeless. Our system is broken and something needs to change