Help convince Prime Minister Trudeau that climate change is extremely important!

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I care strongly about climate change and its ever-growing affects on Planet Earth. Canada's Prime Minister is currently overly focussed on pipeline construction, and he seems unwilling to live up to this country's promise of protecting our environment from further unnecessary damage. I thought that agreements like the Paris Climate Accord meant something to Mister Trudeau, but clearly now his signature on this urgent documentation means nothing. If Trudeau watched this past weekend's edition of CTV's W5 as I did, which included their story entitled "The Big Thaw", which clearly details the increased melting of the Arctic's permafrost, his opinions about global warming might change as well. Please help me send a clear message to Parliament Hill in Ottawa that all pipeline construction must cease and desist now, and all efforts continue to save the future of this vast planet, which we call home!