Help all small businesses, new and smaller. Don't leave us falling through the cracks

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Many small businesses in Canada have not been open long enough, some don't even have a payroll, some businesses are smaller and run by one person. These places won't have a payroll of 20,000 from the previous year, or previous years tax information. Help these businesses with financial relief as well. New small businesses and smaller, small businesses face the same financial burden,fixed costs, leases etc.. as other businesses. New small businesses are in a tougher situation and don't have the same financial records. Many of these businesses will have just made it through the slowest part of the year, and will have already seen a strain of finances and will need help to carry on. New small businesses deserve a chance to get a new start as well. Small business makes up a large part of our economy. These businesses mean a lot to the people running them. Give all small business a chance .