Have homeopathic drugs go through clincal testing!

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There are several people in the world who rely on homeopathic medicine. It is not fair to these people that these companies are making claims that have no backing. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathic drugs do not have to go through testing and can simply be reviewed by Health Canada and shown to be supported by textbooks and other references used in the practice of homeopathy. Just because something may work in theory does not mean it will work in actuality.

We (the people of Canada) need homeopathic drugs to be properly tested so that people can be sure that they products they are using properly work. Some of these drugs are even meant to help with more serious issues such as anxiety and depression. If the Canadian government sees that this is an issue people care about they may change their ways and it will benefit all of us. We need people to sign this petition so it can be presented to the government of Canada, and so that no more lives may be lost due to improper testing.

This issue impacts us all because many people rely on these medicines in place of more conventional medicines, and often (due to the fact that the claim does not work) many people suffer severely. I have a grandmother with Alzhiemers, a common form of dementia. She takes her medicine every day, and she has been doing well. On the other hand, a close friend of mine quite recently lost her grandmother to Alzhiemers. Low and behold, her grandmother was taking homeopathic drugs, as opposed to more conventional drugs. Since they both were diagnosed at about the same time, this leads me to conclude that her grandmother died, due to lack of proper medicine, which could have been circumvented if her drugs had been properly tested beforehand.

Whether we are able to get homeopathic drugs to be clinically trialed or not, I hope that you all know a little bit more about what homeopathic drugs are and the impact they have on people like you.