Guaranteed Minimum Income for all Canadians

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!

During the COVID-19 crisis, the vulnerability of low-income households, part-time, casual workers and the self-employed is more serious than ever. 

Employment insurance programs are already over-burdened, and social welfare administration is complex and bureaucratic. 

Therefore, we call upon PM Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada, with an emergency budget, to immediately replace the lowest tax bracket, basic personal amount and social welfare with a monthly Guaranteed Minimum Income for all Canadians. All tax-payers could simply receive direct credit payment through existing refund mechanisms, minimizing administration and complexity. Those already in social programs could receive this fixed payment as a replacement or supplement to current welfare.

Those on low incomes and those with lost income due to COVID-19 would immediately, at the very least, be able to make rent and mortgage-debt payments and feed their families, providing them with security until they can either claim EI or return to work. Those on higher incomes would also receive the refund and could choose to either repay the GMI to minimize their 2021 tax bill or to donate a portion to help those charitable agencies delivering welfare in Canada and overseas. 

By adjusting tax brackets and eliminating most deductibles, the net cost of the program (in normal economic circumstances) could be zero dollars.

If every person received an income without means testing, and if every Canadian paid tax on all their income we would have a fair and democratic way to provide the financial security for our people to deal with the current crisis and any that may occur in future.

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