Government needs to normalize mask wearing behaviour to combat COVID19

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Hello everyone who's reading this, please know the sole purpose of this petition is to save more lives against COVID-19.

Should government normalize mask wearing behaviour on top of everything else we've been doing to reduce transmission and ultimately save lives?

What is done is done. Moving forward, what else can WE do to prevent the spread?

Most countries with high numbers of confirmed cases and deaths have implemented the following measures to fight COVID-19:

  • banning flights
  • closing boarders
  • shutting down bars and restaurants
  • cancelling public events
  • social distancing
  • self-isolating
  • wash your hands
  • cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • what about wearing a mask or bandanna in public places like grocery stores/banks/pharmacies/clinics/health care facilities/post offices/public transit?


We understand the reason for WHO and CDC to say that the public should not wear masks and masks are not effective is because of the mask shortage.


However, we all know masks do act as a barrier, and if everyone wears it, it would make a huge difference because people can get sick from infected person's droplets and aerosols. If the mouth and nose are covered, we keep the virus at the bay. Mostly.


China, HK, TW, Korea, Japan all encourage masks. Their new cases and deaths have been relatively low.


If the public is given the knowledge and encouragement to wear a protective mask/bandanna/DIY masks, more people would feel comfortable wearing them and this behaviour would be normalized.


It will ultimately 1) reduce transmission, 2) lift the stigma that only sick people wear masks, hence 3) reduce discrimination, 4) reduce racism associated with asians wearing masks.  


More and more store clerksbus driversflight attendantspolice offersfire fighters, doctors in clinics are getting infected. Some don't know they're infected because COVID-19 can have up to 14-days incubation period. Many carriers don't show symptoms. They can unknowingly infect their shoppers, passengers, patients while at work. This is a vicious cycle. 


We need to protect both parties by simply all wearing masks, on top of social distancing which unfortunately sometimes is hard to enforce at public places.


Bottom line is, we can't all be staying home forever. We hope government's tone can change soon to help normalize the mask wearing culture so the public can be creative and do our part to prevent transmission. The sooner we grasp this big picture, the better we can prepare, the more lives we can potentially save.