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Dear World Leaders and Fellow Global Citizens,

  As humanity battles the war against COVID-19, we rely on leaders  to take decisive action which will protect and safeguard citizens from harm and on citizens to cooperate with directives issued. In order to restore balance to our world, citizens and their leaders must work in harmonious collaboration. The COVID 19 virus knows no borders. We have witnessed how it infiltrates countries mercilessly infecting thousands, destroying the economy and disrupting balance regardless of nationality, religion or ethnicity.  Make no mistake this is a global war and requires global  action.  All countries around the world must simultaneously target the COVID-19 virus and destroy it by uniting in their attack.  The strategy for attack involves the following:

1. Each and every country must lock down its borders to visitors and citizens in order to limit the virus' mobility. Cargo trucks importing food and medical supplies will be the exception.

2. Each citizen of each country  must be ordered to enter lockdown in their homes until the virus has  been eradicated.  In so doing we again are limiting the virus movement and ability to spread. The exception are medical staff and those who are in need of urgent medical care.

3.Ration food and necessities in order to ensure that everyone is able to access food and daily living supplies.

4. Provide people with H95 masks so that they are able to safely seek medical care if necessary or leave to get food or groceries. 

5.Be honest and transparent about your plans to battle COVID 19 and the evolving  situation.

6. Implement penalties and consequences for anyone who does not follow the directives listed.  Fines are examples of pragmatic consequences which are highly effective.

7. Educate your citizens on the importance of working in unity to defeat COVID 19.

8. Provide consistent and accurate, scientifically based information.  Much information citizens are receiving varies and changes depending on who is delivering the information.

We must unite globally to defeat the common enemy, Covid 19.  These measures may be strict and appear excessive, but we are dealing with an excessive circumstance. Only when we work in unison and implement a unified attack can we succeed. We can win this war but we must act fast and strike as one army. If we implement these stringent measures, we will be victorious in defeating the virus sooner than later and in turn will be able to resume life as we knew it before COVID 19.  


Grace Damouni and Svetlana Diomin