Giving A Voice To The Tattoo Industry Through Unity!

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ATAP (Association of Tattoo Artist & Piercer's)

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Our Industry has been deemed unimportant, that is clear by the fact that we are not listed in any of these phases to reopen, or at best; left for last. 

We need a voice, we need to be heard, the problem is that there isn't even one group or a lobbyist to defend us and fight for our rights. We need one and we need one now. Maybe with the understanding of a future standardized position, being left for last could never happen again without clear guidelines on how our industry would be treated, rather than not spoken to at all. 

It is time for Tattoo Shops, Tattoo Artists and Piercer's to unify. It's time to start thinking about the health and longevity of the industry we love, it's time to protect Tattooing as a culture. 

We propose a Tattoo Association: ATAP (Association of Tattoo Artists and Piercers). 

We are proposing a unity, a voice for the Tattoo Culture, together; as one voice to fight for our rights, strengthen our position at the table to discuss issues amongst the provinces and eventually developed guidelines for national standardized development.  

We propose a Tattoo Association made up of the factions that define the industry itself. not a left or right wing approach. Made of its Artists, Piercers and Shops. 

What the ATAP Association will be made of: 

1. Nominated and Voted Upon Representatives from each Province / Territory / Country.  

2. A Tattoo Industry Charter (TIC) - A Definition of the way our Association will protect its members, fight for them, give them a fighting chance in parliament if need be over the coming years. 

3. A Round Table, This round table will develop NATIONAL INDUSTRY STANDARDS to work hand in hand with the provincial and Canadian Health Board to not only, finally, develop a National Health and Safety Guideline, but to make sure that our needs as an industry are met, not continually being mixed in with other industries that do not apply to us. 

4. Push for Public Health Inspectors to be trained properly on Tattoo Shop Inspections, Following the Newly Designed Guidelines voted in by ATAP Members, designed in partnership with Public Health and  the ATAP Representatives.  

5. Internally Recognized Certification (With Guidelines) for Tattoo Artists, Piercer's and Tattoo Shops as Members in good standing of ATAP.

6. Easy ATAP Online Access for the many required certifications, such as BloodBorne Certifications. Industry Updates, Member Voting and Discussion Forums. 

7. Industry Recognition for being a member in good standing from Events, Suppliers, Brands, Travel and more (Only available to registered members). 

8. Fighting to not only be heard, but to never be in the position of being unheard; ever again. 

The rest will be developed over time, developed by the nominated group; not just the words of one person. 

We ask that you sign this Petition to not  only preserve our Culture, but to help design its growth into the future; together. 

Visit: for further details, register your email while we update our site. 

Thank you for the support.