Save Our Postal Workers

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It is time! Time for us to stand up to the Corporate Bullies (yes we see you Deepak) who have violated the rights of our people to fill their pockets, while our government idles. 

Firstly, I would like to assure you, I do not, nor have I ever been employed by Canada Post. However, both my parents have been employed there for decades and until now I have been a silent observer to their plight.

Although there have been petitions before, to save door to door service and for the resignation of Deepak Chopra, 2015’s scumbag of the year ( ), which I am in full support of. This petition is to stop the mistreatment and human rights violations of our Postal Workers, our sisters and brothers.

This is a call to action, that I put forth to you, my fellow Canadians, to support not just Canada Post employees but all our labour workers, because our country was built on their backs. The time is now, for us to stop being silent observers and to fight for our jobs, our families and our communities.  So that Corporations operating in our Country know that we may work for them but only if they work for us.

I encourage all Canada Post employees to share their stories in the comment box below so that your voices are heard.

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