Get the Government of Canada to support WestJet Airlines!

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Hello everyone I'm writing this petition in support of WestJet airlines.

During this global pandemic that has occurred, it has affected the aviation industry in a big way and has impacted not only employees but customers. I don't see a world without aviation because people are always going to have the need to travel whether it's for pleasure, business or simply visiting family or friends.

WestJet airlines more than ever will need everyone's support and bringing this wonderful Canadian company that has been in business for over 20 years back on it's feet. Let us remember that WestJet has done multiple charitable events and brought Christmas Miracles too many parts of the world. Also WestJet airlines was there in relief of the Fort McMurray fires three years ago with rescue flights by evacuating the community that was affected, and furthermore WestJet Care for Kids Program. These wonderful gestures was provided by the organisation now it's our turn to help the airline survive and demand the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau for emergency/relief funds for the upkeep of it's entire fleet. At the current state WestJet is in a vulnerable state and given that Canada only has two major Canadian airlines, it's important to retain those airlines for future generations and allow connections between families from coast to coast and even abroad through the WestJet flying network.

We hope we can come together strong as a country and show a very powerful petition to show the government that the airline deserves more!!

Thank you for your time, support and dedication!!