Get Canadians home from Ecuador

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We want the Canadian government to step in and arrange for a flight to bring Canadians in Ecuador back home to Canada. 

BC residents Jenny Groves, Simon Hocking, and their children Finley Hocking-Groves, and Sabine Hocking Groves, are some of the Canadians currently stuck on the Galápagos Islands. Thinking they were being prudent they changed their trip plans from Thailand to Ecuador in February. However, after they arrived on the Galapagos, Ecuador and Canada announced the corona-related travel restrictions. 

Canadians In Ecuador need help arranging their travel home. Being in a remote area with limited internet access has added to the strain. Flights the Hocking-Groves booked last week for this coming Sunday have been cancelled. They have also been told that if they travel to the airport to make travel arrangements, they will not be allowed back into their hotel. And, we are also concerned with what we hear about an Ecuadorian mayor who blocked an outgoing flight because he deemed Europeans should right the situation they had created. Canadians need immediate government and embassy assistance to make these travel plans for them. 

As tensions rise, we worry about the general safety, the health, and the emotional strain of strict curfews, police patrols, and looming uncertainty, particularly on children. 

Fly Canadians home safely, as soon as possible, before this pandemic and federal policies confine them to Ecuador.