Justin Trudeau: Follow Medical Advice and Force a Mandatory Self Quarantine to Save Lives

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Canadians may have been under the illusion the pandemic may somehow brush past us. Both the total number of cases and their rate of growth were comparatively low here through the first weeks of the outbreak. But since about March 10, the case count has been growing faster here than elsewhere – at nearly 30 per cent a day, twice as fast as the average for all countries outside China.

Canada currently has about 10 intensive care beds per 100,000 population. Using the World Health Organization’s estimate that 5 per cent of COVID-19 patients become “critically ill” as a proxy for the numbers requiring intensive care, that means, on the most optimistic assumptions, Canada would need to hold the number of active cases to fewer than 200 per 100,000 to prevent the health-care system from being overwhelmed. Currently, we are at a little over 1. How long would it take to get to 200? At our current rate of growth, less than three weeks. At half that rate, five weeks.

Just Trudeau will you follow the advice of medical health professionals and force a mandatory stay at home order for Canada? With a death rate ranging from 2-10 percent we need to take aggressive actions before the hospitals are over run. The premieres of the Canadian provinces agree with these actions when will you step up to protect all Canadians for the greater good.