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The southern state of Kerala in India, home to 35 million people, is being ravaged by floods. An estimated 800,000 people have fled from their homes and more than 370 people have lost their lives and many are still missing. Floods and landslides started by the beginning of the month of August, after a heavy monsoon, and still many areas are under water.


Prime Minister of Canada, The Hon Justin Trudeau

Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Hon Chrystia Freeland

We are writing this petition on behalf of 150,000 fellow Canadians and their related families and friends in Kerala, the southern state of India known as God's own country, for its breathtaking beauty and splendor. We are desperately seeking for help as hundreds of people in Kerala are dying due to one of the worst flooding in the province has seen in history. 35 million inhabitants of the province are going through one of the worst fears in their lives where multiple flash floods and huge landslides are threatening the existence of human lives. The rescue operations from the Indian Provincial and Central government are in place, but we would like to take our chance and help our brothers and sisters in this hour of need. We have utmost belief in the Canadian government, which spends millions of dollars in rescue and humanitarian aid missions around the world, will come to the help of the beautiful state of Kerala, India.

We are seeking for help, relief and support, for our brothers and sisters in Kerala from the Canadian government in any possible way - High end machinery, any advanced technical aid, financial aid, medicines, food supplies or anything you could do to save our people.

We have been fortunate enough to move to Canada and are doing our best to support our friends and families in Kerala by raising funds. But the intensity of damage inflicted due the floods and landslides are so huge that we would need your help in overcoming this tragedy. Another issue is the possible spreading of water borne diseases like Cholera, Jaundice etc. as the aftermath of the calamity.

The government of Kerala has started a Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund that explains the intensity of this calamity and is seeking donations on its website:


As we are writing this petition in one of the best offices or homes in Canada, our parents, fellow brothers, sisters and the province that made us who we are, Kerala, are going through the worst possible tragedies one could ever imagine. We humbly request everyone who is reading this, to keep Kerala in their prayers and help the beautiful province and its people in any way you can. As residents of Canada, we are extremely worried about the place many of us were born and educated.

We sincerely request the Canadian government to join our hands in helping Kerala in any means possible – by contacting the Kerala government or the Indian government; offering rescue/relief missions; providing humanitarian aid in any way possible as we do not want Kerala to be written in history books for our children to only read about.

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