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Fight the LNG plant expansion in Delta, British Columbia before it is too late.

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  I started this petition with some gushy sentimental drivel. Then I decided to get to the heart of the matter.

  The bottom line is this, I am worried about the LNG plant expansion in Delta, British Columbia. I wasn't too worried about the expansion of the LNG plant at first. Then I told our board about an LNG presentation at a local organization.

  David, our Vice-President, said that the presenter was right. LNG doesn't burn--until it mixes with oxygen and meets with a wee spark!

  The more I learn, the more worried I am becoming about the LNG plant expansion in Delta. Here are some of the reasons.

  Like Delta the city of Boston had an LNG plant built in the 1970s. Like us they thought it was a great idea. Now they have changed their mind.


  These tankers are a threat to the safety of Boston. And so are the LNG tankers that will pass by Ladner, Tsawwassen, and Richmond. North Delta will be impacted by the explosion as well.

  Boston's Mayor tried to ban these tankers after 9/11 because of his security concerns. He couldn't do it. This is what he got.

  •   Four days out the LNG tanker has to alert the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard runs background checks on the crew. The LNG tanker has to contact the Coast Guard every 48, 24, 12 and 5 hours outside the Boston Harbour.
  • 6 to 12 miles out Coast Guard Officers board the LNG tanker. They do safety checks and watch for any ships that get within 500 yards of the tanker.
  • The Coast Guard sends in teams of 12 to 24 officers for security checks.
  • 5 miles out the Boston Harbour Pilot Association meets and boards the LNG tanker. The ship moves at 10 knots or 12 miles an hour.

Why is Boston the only major U.S. City with an LNG plant? It's simple.

  No one wants an LNG plant in their backyard.

  So why is Delta agreeing to the expansion of the LNG plant on the Fraser River? Why is Delta not fighting to stop the building of a wharf for LNG tankers in the Fraser River?

  The real question is, why is Delta willing to put your life and your family's at risk? Why is Delta willing to place the largest salmon-bearing river in the world at risk?

  The mayors of Burnaby, Richmond and New Westminster are worried - and so am I.

  In 1993 the pipeline to the current LNG plant almost exploded. Now they want to expand the LNG plant and add another pipeline! Can you imagine what the impact of that explosion would have been on you and me?

  I'm reaching out to you today because I need your help to tell the decision-makers that Delta and the Fraser River is no place for LNG tankers coming up our River.

  I need you! This is you life and your family's at stake. Please sign the petition and send a gift of whatever you can afford to help me fight the expansion of Delta's LNG plant, the second pipeline, and the building of that wharf for LNG tankers.


Eliza Olson, LLD., B.Ed                                                                                           President of Burns Bog Conservation Society

P.S. You and I were lucky in 1993. There is no guarantee that we will be so lucky the next time.

Visit to send a gift to our cause. Thank you.

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