Federal and provincial governments must suspend tuition fee increases

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with many recent universities announcement to increase tuition fees yet again, despite the announcements that classes will be moving online for the fall, have left many students in a very rough situation for the upcoming school year. for example, the University of Manitoba decided to increase their tuition fees by over 5% for the new school year, despite classes moving online and operating costs being significantly less. 

We must ask why this is? To me it seems like the universities and governments are trying to gouge vulnerable students. This is a HUGE problem. We need to make this work. Tuition fees are a major problem and shouldn’t be going up constantly. Why do we not have a system like many European countries that have free university, and invest in people’s education in order to have more highly skilled professionals in our society and fill the niches that are currently lacking. We can make this change.

Eventually I think tuition fees should be abolished entirely, but for now, let’s cap the tuition fees and not let them increase them until we can figure out a solution! Please sign and share this petition so that we can make a difference and fix this issue! Thank you everyone! Have a great day.