Extension of work permits for Temporary residents inside Canada, without job offer

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Immigration minister Mendicino,

We are a sizable group of Temporary workers inside Canada, we came here temporarily, to study, to volunteer, to work and get some experience. We simply liked the Canadian way of life that we decided to settle here for good. Our children started schools here and they feel as Canadian as any of their other School fellows. Therefore, we made one of the biggest decisions of our lives by starting to work towards making a new home in Canada. We are mostly professionals who bring our knowledge and expertise, we are skilled people, we are people who need work experience in Canada to qualify for permanent residence. Then COVID 19 happened. Not enough jobs are available, some of us have work permits but no work.

We acknowledge that our temporary residence might be extended if we apply, but what about our work permits? How can we survive without having permission to work? If we leave Canada, find work and come back with work permits, it will not be an easy task especially for those of us with young children, as you said that it will take months or years to go back to normal life.

Therefore, we are requesting that work permits be extended of those inside Canada without a job offer. We also want that volunteer experience is counted as proper work experience. It will help us qualify for permanent residence and be an active members of Canadian society without having fears of uncertainty.

We feel hopeful putting our faith in the Canadian migration system and Government to help us achieve our goal to make Canada our homeland.

Eager critical of Temporary residents inside Canada