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Extend Deadline: Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

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People across Canada have seen the need of resettling refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Eritrea. All of Canada has seen their Plight. What is happening in the Middle East is tragic and unfortunate, and probably could have been avoided.  

The Syrian war has been happening for the last 4 years, 4 years?  Why now why the influx of refugees? Why are the rich surrounding Arab States not letting any in? Why seek refuge in Countries founded on different Cultural Values and beliefs? UN stats show 75% wanting refugee status are young men of military age, why can’t they fight for their Country? 

The mainstream media is portraying the “refugees” in a tragic light. Unfortunately the media is biased and does not show what it is like dealing with the refugees day in and out. Pictures are deceiving; they do not show what is really happening in the host Countries who have invited them. Videos on Youtube from real Citizens experiencing the hostility and entitlement refugee feel.

There is an increase in crime rates and rape in Greece, Sweden, Germany the UK. Now the Nov 13, 2015 Paris Terrorist attack, where two "Refugees" help take the lives of 128 innocent victims.  

I do believe some refugees will benefit and appreciate a second chance at rebuilding a new life, some may just be economic migrants or worse terrorists claiming to be refugees. 

Germany is realizing this now after accepting millions of refugees while displacing their own Citizens. Saudi Arabia says for the safety of their Citizens they will not open their boarders. Greece just intercepted a load of Guns and Ammunition hidden as an Aid container for "refugees". Japan, Russia, Poland are not accepting any. Is there something that these Countries know that Canada does not? Should Canada follow suit? Absolutely.

"Multiculturalism" only works when migrants come to a host Country and adopt the values and culture, which is what the Vietnamese boat people did, hence there success rate at integration.  Many of these New refugees have no idea of how western society is like, they have experienced the turmoil’s of war, executions, floggings, crucifixions and many barbaric acts that is looked down upon in Western Culture. How will they integrate and become functioning, contributing people to Canadian society? Shouldn’t Canadians take care of their own before helping others?

Did you know 4.8 million people in Canada live in poverty. 546,000 children across the country live in conditions of poverty. 3.3 million Canadian households are precariously housed . Over 200,000 people in Canada experience homelessness each year. Our Schools are over crowded and underfunded, our healthcare is overburdened, job loss is on the rise, cost of living is on the rise. How can we help so many others before helping our own?

The New Federal government wants to resettle 25,000 Refugees in Canada by Jan 1, 2016. The FBI already admitted that it is impossible to screen 10,000 Refugees, so how can Immigration Canada diligently screen 25,000 Refugees before the New Year?

My petition is to ask the New Federal Government, lead by Justin Trudeau to extended and maybe limit the amount of Refugees accepted by Jan 1, 2016. To properly and thoroughly screen all 25,000 Refugees from any potential Health, Safety and Security Threats.

Many Canadians would like none but your New Government seems adamant about letting this many “Refugees” in and fulfilling your promises. This petition is to extend the time frame and ensure that the Government thoroughly screen each Refugee. Consider the Canadian Citizens and their security as well as the Economic burden that this would create. Consider all outcomes prior to admitting this many people in from a whole other culture. First and foremost it is your duty as our government to protect Canadians first.

I ask the New Federal Government before accepting this many Refugees is to have a strong system in place for screening each Refugee who would be in the most need, women, children, families, seniors & persecuted religions. Have programs in place where they will be able to find jobs and succeed, not just be economic migrants and dependent on the system.  Programs to understand the Canadian culture, language and values, especially western views towards our women and children.  Screen refugees to make sure they don’t have any incurable communicable disease. Screen to make sure they have not had any previous criminal offences (though that would be difficult as a lot are undocumented). 

Rushing this process undoubtedly compromise the safety and security of Canadian citizens, as well as permanent residents.     

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