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Establish Safe Injection Sites in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada.

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The North, Strong and Free.. 

Well some say Thunder Bay is a pit of devastation, tearing the life from those around it. From families to individuals alike. But that's all rumours, of the local folk. 

I call the place home, yet the problems are always on my doorstep. When you spend over three years in bad rental situations and  six years in homelessness.

You learn, or you find yourself in a bad situation, over and over again. 

Some have a choice, while others lost theirs long ago.  Not necessarily to their own volition either, sometimes addiction takes many by surprise. 

I know alcoholism did me, and i live with further PTSD because of the ten years i spent ruining my body and bringing harm to myself by remaining in toxic situations because i simply felt there was no where else to go, that the supports didn't exist and that the people would judge me and avoid me like they did in early childhood.

I thought with alcohol , i could escape the world before it tore me apart, but what was really happening was the complete opposite. The exposure lead to so much harm. But i found shelter in the Lord.  I know others don't live with that luxury but i could only wish the best for them and to do what i feel is right to help ALL people. 

This can help change someone's life, given that they have no where, that they too struggle with the feeling of abandonment, isolation and discomfort..they live in poverty, with no protection from whatever dangers the advance may bring. 


We can bring jobs and care to Thunder Bay, and it's surrounding regions. 

We can bring a sense of comfort and security to those living in adversity, battling addictions that are generally beyond our understanding. 

We can get the needles off the streets! and those who need security, care too.

They can be safe and secure when using, so that the spread of disease is minimalized, the dispensary of clean needles is more monitored and limited to a more individual basis

I am now in recovery because i had these supports to help me through my adversity, adversity i have now come to reconcile with and have begun to plan for the future.

I could wish this for others also, but i know not everyone can be saved.

But we can help them, and we can make a difference. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your potential support..


Joshua D Hewitt,

Advocate for the People.

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