Establish a legal path to citizenship for undocumented youth in a from of Study Permits

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Please take a bit of time from your day to sign and share this petition. As of this moment, it is the only practical form of action that can be taken to protect the defenceless undocumented youth of today.  Adding your signature to this petition and urging your representatives and MPP will bring this subject matter to Parliament. Once Parliament in Ottawa becomes aware of this issue and decides to give it attention, ideally it will bring a clean act bill to the floor that will grant Open Study Permits for all students graduating from Canadian High Schools. We are urging the Canadian government to create a legal path to citizenship for hard working and a talented individual who will become contributing and productive members of our society.

 Most of undocumented youth and have lived in Canada for most of their lives with the desire to call this country their home. Many have been brought to Canada as minors by their families without understanding the works our immigration system. They have the entire foundation and establishment of their lives in our fair land however, their prospects of higher education face strange barriers. They live in constant fear of detection by immigration authorities and cannot attain a legal employment. The current laws pertaining to immigration have no mechanism to consider special equities and circumstances of such students.

 Punishing immigrant youth for a decision that was not their own, but taken by their parents is not an action that is undertaken by a nation calling itself free, cosmopolitan and rational. Therefore, we demand that Parliament creates a legal path to citizenship for undocumented youth in a form of Open Study Permits.