End the homeless crisis in Canada now

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We are all aware the homeless crisis in Canada has gone on since the late mid 90's and it has not gotten any better over the years and in fact has gotten worst, we also know many long term plans have been tried over these years to deal with this issue without much success or very little of it if any.

We are also aware many of our own citizens in most need and most vulnerable have died either because they were homeless or on the streets of our city's across Canada especially so in Toronto were in excess of 100 homeless have died in the past year alone.

This is a major crisis and in fact this is a disaster and a shame for our country and we the citizens of this country who care and want a solution and social activist who have been dealing with this issue since the crisis began wish of our Federal Government to be more proactive in dealing with this and not with more plans leading to nowhere near ending what we call a Government made crisis.

We know about the most recent plan from our Federal Government to deal with this which is less then sufficient to really make a dent on ending the homeless crisis and we are asking our Government to take action now and not after the 2019 election and we don't want only half of our homeless being helped into housing but all of them. Lets end the needless homeless death in our country and be more responsible dealing with this.