End the ban on assault style guns in Canada

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Today, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau announced a ban on all assault style guns in Canada. As a PAL holder I can't even join my other PAL friends at the range for sport shooting, or have certain rifles in my possession for hunting. I also feel like this will do NOTHING to target criminals or take ILLEGAL, SMUGGLED guns out of their hands!!! This targets law abiding gun owners, hunters. Also, this isn't just about guns - look at what your PM did without any vote, parliament etc; he's a dictator, there is NO democracy left in Canada. In my opinion, there should be steeper fines and stronger laws against criminals who commit crimes with these types of guns.  This new law makes about as much sense as banning all motorized vehicles because some people who drive, break the law, or choose to drive without proper licensing. Please help me by saying you agree.