End Slavery And Human Rights Abuse

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End Slavery And Human Rights Abuse

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Human Rights are important. Not just to identify, but to uphold for everyone. When the rights of even one are violated, they violate us all.

Thought you might want to be made aware of things on the home front.
Seems the fight for Equality and Human Rights has taken a downturn here on Salt Spring Island, and indeed across Canada.
Seems there are also back door meetings going on here, between Country Grocer and the RCMP, that has resulted in not only posting a "No BUSKING" sign in violation of Canadian and International Law, but being unlawfully enforced by the RCMP.
Despite there not being a law against playing music and it being enjoyed by the majority of the community.
Despite the fact it is clearly Discrimination and attacking and threatening a group of people. (You might recognize me as the guitarman with the sign; "Your SMILE is my payment.")
Despite it violating a vast number of Rights supposedly protected within the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms.
As a Coast to Coast Canadian (conceived in the East and born in the West) that is also a former member of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment C.A.F.R. trained to defend the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians, I find these actions to be a threat against our lives, livelihood and the welfare and enjoyment of the community as a whole.
Obviously, as one of the poorest of the poor (no welfare or outside support), this prevents me from my choice of being self-supporting and free of slavery.
As it was your father that helped introduce the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, perhaps you will be more sensitive to how it is being treated, or more to the point...ignored and violated.
i have played there for years and have never been asked to leave for being disrespectful, damaging property, aggressive or threatening behavior. The older people look forward to my being there, as do the children that come over to dance and most of the community are more than happy to share a SMILE with me.
Simply put...i do not appreciate being threatened by men with guns, for playing music and raising the spirits and enjoyment of my community.
I'm hoping this note finds it's way to your heart and inspires some immediate action BEFORE someone dies...and not after.
your humble servant,
ancient clown.
("Glory of the Olive")

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