End Child Labour in Africa

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In 2016, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that one-fifth of African children are involved with child labour. Resulting with a strikingly high number of 72.1 million African children in child labour. 31.5 million of these children are believed to be involved in hazardous work.(http://www.ilo.org/ipec/Regionsandcountries/Africa/lang--en/index.htm

Although these jobs are often detrimental to the children, like coal mining and military service, they are often left unpaid.

Our goal is to ensure that these children will not be forced to work in an unsafe environment, for an unfair pay.

This petition will automatically be sent to the Prime Minister of Canada in hopes that he will be a leader in stopping child labour in Africa by implementing regulations on businesses and corporations alike that use child labour in the selling or production of their goods.


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