Enact preventative measures against covid 19

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Please be proactive, not reactive. The effectiveness of closing borders, nonessential travel, businesses and schools has been demonstrated by various countries around the world. This is a petition for Canada to follow suit before our hospitals are filled with patients with inadequate beds or equipment. 

Discontinue flights from heavily affected countries. 

Close the Washington / British Columbia border. 

Test people based on symptoms not just travel history. 

Test travellers returning from hot spot locations. Issue mandatory quarantine for travellers returning from hot spot locations. 

Create government monopoly on surgical masks and hand sanitizer for government distribution and sale to avoid hoarding and price gauging. 

Ensure frontline staff has adequate protection and up to date information on prevention. 

Enforce quarantine. Use of fines and other punitive action for individuals caught breaking quarantine. 

Daily update from all levels of government of current situation in Canada. 

Public knowledge of local regions affected so that citizens can protect themselves.

Send students home for a full period of 14 consecutive days. Allow only those with no symptoms or travel history to return to school. Temperature check upon arrival at school every day. 

Send everyone home for the same 14 days to ensure children are not being placed in childcare. Allow those with no symptoms to return to work, they must have their temperature monitored every morning. 

"send home". As in self isolation.

Limit persons on the streets to only essential travel for the same period of 14 days mentioned above. 

Effectively quarantine household members of those infected. 

Provide financial support for the affected families during their self isolation. Impose heavy fines for quarantine infractions. 

Build wards specific to the needs of containing and treating Covid 19 in every major hospital. 

Community effort is key, and better communication from the government to the citizens is important. 

Please show us that you value our lives, health and wellbeing by combatting Covid 19 proactively instead of reacting when its too late.