Eliminate restrictions for a daughter to see her mother that is in longterm health care

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Back in November my mother was escorted by the police out of my grandmother nursing home for taking a picture of a full plate of food. Restrictions where placed on my mom to never return to her mother's room or unit or she will be changed. 

My mom took this picture to have evidence that they do not have enough people feeding these patients and that residents are leaving their tables hungry. 

My mother has been banned for complaining about the care that my grandmother has been receiving and the care of the other residents that reside at her nursing home. 

For two years my mom has been the main advocate for my grandma who was diagnosed with dementia two and a half years ago. My mom would spend 6-8 hours a day with her, diving a half an hour each way. They would go for drives, lunches, casinos, and visits with family and friends. Each night my mom would bring her back, wash her, dress her, fix her a snack and dial her phone to who ever she wanted to visit with.

My mom has complained to staff, she has put in formal complaints, wrote letters to all forms of governments,  and contacted the ministry of health about the care and broken system that patients have been facing for years.  My mom would see my grandma soaked to her knees in urine multiple times a week, dentures not getting brushed, rashes under her breast from neglecting to use creams prescribed and medication used as a form of restraint often.

The ministry finally arrived to confirm the neglect,  the home failed to comply on 4 parts of her personal hygiene. On two different investigations. 

Even though my moms complaints have been justified she is still banned from her own moms room. My grandma is in the final walk of her life and a very difficult one at that, and she can't have all her children with her at this time. My hope is once the covid restrictions are lifted that my mom be reunited with her mom. 

Please support us by signing this petition to lift the restrictions. I would appreciate any and all help in these trying times. 

Thank you