DUI and reckless drivers causing death should get LIFE in prison for each death

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It breaks my heart to hear another horrible tragedy of young children being killed in an avoidable accident. In this case, a very young mother lost her life too. Most likely, the driver of the vehicle that caused this horrible accident was DUI. He was seen driving erratically prior to this accident. Years ago, we all heard the horrible tragedy of Marco Muzzo's accident where he took 3 young lives and their grandfather. All he got was a total of 10 years, that's it. Most likely he's done less than 5. We need to get tough on DUI and reckless drivers causing death. This needs to stop now. Please no more horrible tragedies like this. Please sign this petition so we can get a law passed that DUI and reckless drivers causing death is just like murder. They need to be put in prison for LIFE.