Don't let new immigrants fall through the cracks during covid-19.

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

we are a sizable group of newly arrived immigrants whom had to make one of the biggest decisions of our lives by leaving our motherland to start a our journey to make a new home in Canada. We are mostly professionals who bring our knowledge and expertise, and not only eager and willing but also determined to make our contribution, both professionally and culturally so that we assimilate into the Canadian society productively. But we are facing a major obstacle called the Covid19 which has made this task very difficult if not impossible to achieve! 
We understand and acknowledge how tirelessly your working to lead our nation through this difficult times and endlessly providing solutions to help every single Canadian, and for that we praise your leadership abilities. However, we humbly would like to bring to your attention the fact that since we don't qualify for neither CERB nor Employment Insurance Benefits, we find ourselves at an impasse in seeking financial assistance. Many of us managed, only recently to find a job, we have not yet made the required revenue/hours to qualify to any of the emergency financial solutions you brought forward! 

We recognize that our situation has come about due to bad timing, but we would appreciate your consideration in including us in any solutions you create to help your nation. No one should be left behind!  We feel neglected through all of the tribulations of this never experienced before pandemic, but we are putting our faith in your hands knowing that you would understand that any decision made by your Government, it would greatly and positively impact our Canadian economy. We have faith in Canadian migration system not to fail us in our reaching goal of becoming an active member of Canadian Society once Covid19 is behind us!

Eager critical mass of Newcomers