Do not ban handguns or other semi-auto rifles

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The assumption that banning handguns and other semi auto rifles will stop the gun violence is absolutely ridiculous. It is not the law abiding citizen committing these atrocious acts. There are over 2 million registered firearms owners with over 10 million guns in Canada yet we have very few shootings. The falsely claimed argument that more than 60% of illegal shootings come from domestically sourced guns is also incorrect; that study forgot to mention the part that 60% of traceable guns were domestically sourced, which would mean the actual number of domestically sourced guns used in criminal acts is about 14%. The liberal government and the people need to stop attacking law abiding citizens for the acts of criminals. More people are killed by knife attacks every year than by guns. Please leave the law abiding citizens alone; more gun control will do nothing to spur the shootings taking place as criminals do not abide by the laws and banning handguns and other semi auto firearms will also do nothing as we share a border with the USA where guns are more than abundant. We are not the ones committing these crimes. You cannot punish the many for the crimes of the few.

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