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Hello.I'm a gay refugee.living in Turkey.I'm a musician.I ran away from Iran becuase of my sexual orientation.it's not safe there for LGBTQ+ people.it's not safe here too.but a little bit better than Iran! UNHCR process is a really long process.UNHCR decided I had to go to US.but Donal Trump baned Iranians.as far as I know even refugees like me.UNHCR said Canada won't accept any Iranian for next 2 years.I can't work.I don't know Turkish.plus my left leg needs a surgery.2 bones in my spine are not in a place they should be!because of the hard work I had in Turkey.I worked in a glass factory before.it didn't need knowing turkish.just a few words and phrases.My ex-coworker always teased and mocked me.herased me.Even my last 4 roomates threatened to rape and kill me!I ran away again! I don't know when it's gonna end.I don't know what to do.I don't have a job.UNHCR don't answer my emails.autoreply says they are busy to answer all emails individually.I'm gonna be homeless soon.I know what's waiting for me in street if I'll be homeless.I don't wanna be raped and murdered.

If US or Canada start taking refugees I would be saved.I don't know who can help this process.If I have sponsor I can go to Canada.I emaild any organizations I could find on internet.I just got a few responses. rainbow railroad for example said they don't have any experience working with refugees in Turkey! I don't know what to do.I comitted suicide 3 times.I don't wanna die.I just need sponsor to go.or I had to wait for 2,3 or even 4 years to go.I know I can't take it.I didn't lived for 29 years! I wanna know how does it feel to be alive and free.I wanna get a PHD in music....if I survive.

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