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Have you lost someone due to gun violence? Have you buried your son? Sister? Brother? Father? Mother? Friend? Do you live in a community where you are tired of young people losing their lives by violence? Do you wonder why young adults who steal cars are being denied bail, yet violent criminals are being granted bail? Then this petition is for you! Read the facts. Sign the petition. Share the petition through every media outlet you can. Be part of the change.

In July 2009 Steven Douglas Skinner was charged with; aggravated assault; assault with a weapon (two counts): possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose (two counts): hostage taking: uttering threats to cause death; uttering threats to kill, poison or injure an animal. He fled Halifax and was arrested in Toronto by the Toronto Police Guns and Gangs Task Force and returned to Halifax a few days later. Although the Crown submitted evidence and vigorously opposed Mr. Skinner’s release citing he was a flight risk as well as a danger to the public, because of his known affiliation with the drug trade and previous weapons charges, and his violent past,however  he was released on $50,000 bail with two sureties. As part of his undertaking he was not to be in the province of Nova Scotia, where the crime occurred while he awaited trial scheduled for 2012.
In April 2011 Steven Douglas Skinner did, without the Justice Departments knowledge, return to Nova Scotia and murdered Stacey Adams. Stacey Adams was an innocent, unarmed 20 year old man. Mr. Skinner then was able to flee the scene and country with the help of Brittany Derbyshire (Gray). As of today, five years later we are still fighting in the Supreme Court of Appeal for Ms. Derbyshire to be held accountable for her role in the murder. We are also still searching for Steven Skinner
We ask that the Justice Department review the process and procedures that were in place on their part, regarding Mr. Skinner’s $50,000 bail in spite of an obviously violent crime, known ties to organized crime, as well as having a past of fleeing from police to escape prosecution.

We ask that the Federal Government change the stipulations regarding violent criminals seeking bail, and bail be DENIED to criminals seeking bail who do pose a threat to the public.

The Judge, Nova Scotia Justice Department, nor the Federal Justice Department has acknowledged that this man fit ALL of the current criteria to be denied bail in this country. The crown vigorously fought to have bail denied. Bail is denied to youth that steal cars yet granted to violent criminals.  Your community will be safer from gun violence IF the government steps up and starts denying bail for violent crimes. Too many young men are dyeing due to gun violence in our streets. Our Justice system plays a major role in this.


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