Demand Federal minimum standards and overwatch of Workers Compensation Boards

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People are ending up with no way of contributing ,losing everything they own , their families , their ability to contribute and end up committing suicide . All due to the miss managed claims, abuses and policies of WCB across Canada .This is many of my new friends in the injured workers communities across the country as well as myself . They make up the rules themselves and are accountable to no one . Now CBI is getting all the contracts so there is no unbiased health people involved in care any more .We pay these insurance companies for if we are seriously injured . They repay us by helping if we sprain our ankle and denying anyone who is injured for long term .They return Billions every Year  to employers at big firms by forcing injured workers into poverty and suicide .This could happen to anyone You ,your spouse even worse one of your kids . Tell the Provincial Governments they can't be trusted and make the Federal government make it LAW to care for those who are injured at work.