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Decriminalize Marijuana in Montreal

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It's time for the marijuana laws to change.  Marijuana is medicine.  

What are we waiting for?  

Right now you are prohibiting something that heals a myriad of problems in a myriad of people. And allowing things that ruin lives, health & kill people.

We can't go on like this!  THE PEOPLE WANT CHANGE.

With all due respect, I've had enough of this Bizarro world: this is the backwards reality we are living in: 

Alcohol is far more dangerous, yet you leave the bars alone.  You allow people to demolish themselves until 3am & then spill out into the streets where drunken brawls ensue.  We hear of stabbings, shootings, drunken driving & domestic violence as a result.  People black-out, vomit, get violent - you name it -  and it's never pretty. 

Cigarettes kill thousands upon thousands ever year, but you allow the factories to continue producing them.  People are dying every day!  'Oh well.'  

It must be, "Oh well', or else that would be prohibited too.  Or would it?  Wait .... no ... we allow the bad stuff & prohibit what helps.  Riiiiight.  

How can you allow people to die daily & do nothing?  I keep thinking I'm going to turn around & look over my shoulder & a 'candid camera' camera person will pop out.  'Surprise'!!'  Nope ... I'm still waiting.

This can't be real life.

If a kid chokes on a Hasbro game piece, the game is recalled.  But you just put labels on cigarettes saying 'this product kills'. Marijuana, which has never ever killed a single soul, ever, in the history of time & people, is illegal.  Why?  There is no logical reason. Does that make any sense?  Nope. The law is wrong. The law is hurting way more people than it thinks it's helping.

Marijuana is safer than peanuts, stairs, even water!  You cannot continue to allow dangerous, deadly things to be a part of our daily lives & you cannot continue to prohibit something safe that people want.  

We are a peaceful people, we are not violent.  The only thing we'll attack is a bag of chips.  And maybe cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes :)

Want to diminish violence & violent crimes?  Allow people to smoke Marijuana. Want to make money? Decriminalize & tax it. You will. You'll see.

Look at Colorado just for ONE example:

New numbers from the Colorado Department of Revenue show that marijuana sales by government-licensed stores in that state totaled nearly $1 billion in 2015, making marijuana almost as big as craft beer by that measure. Marijuana sales raised $135 million in taxes and fees for the state last year.  

Legal Marijuana Sales Totaled $1 Billion in Colorado Last Year


It's not necessarily that it's illegal that is most upsetting - it's that there is absolutely no valid reason for it to be illegal.  With all due respect, I have had enough of bogus laws being upheld.  I'm fed up of the people upholding them & wonder if they're able to think for themselves?

It should be illegal to label something safe as illegal.  

(Don't mind me, I'm just making it up as I go along - kind of how Marijuana was made illegal in the first place .. but I digress.)


Free The Medicine!

I am not a burnout or a loser, or a menace to society. I'm just a person who enjoys the effects of cannabis. I am your friend or relative or a co-worker. Cannabis is not physically addictive, not a gateway drug & substantially less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. What's causing real harm is the failed policy of prohibition, which is providing a lucrative funding source for organized crime. It's time for facts & reason to replace ideology and prejudice. It's time to stop wasting taxpayers money on a harmful policy. It's time to end the hypocrisy & legalize cannabis for adults. It's time for all cannabis consumers to speak up & proudly declare .. I am Cannabian! #CannabisCulture #Montreal #MarcEmery #JodieEmery #cdnpoli #FreeTheRealMedicine #JustinTrudeau #Liberals When I daydream, I imagine a world where the people are heard.  Not corporations & dollar bills.   Stop the real drug dealers: #BigPharma #CDC

Why Marijuana is illegal

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