Decrease the Over Representation of Indigenous Incarceration in Canada

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In Canada, the population of Indigenous people sit around 4% yet they take up around 28% of the prison population. The Canadian justice system is failing these people on every level. The police checks, arrests, unreasonable sentencing and bail denial are much more frequent within indigenous communities.

Urgent action must be taken now, including:

  • A smarter form of justice that takes us beyond a narrow focus on punishment and penalties, to look more broadly at a coherent and integrated vision of justice; An end to unreasonable sentencing, imprisonment for fine defaults, "paperless" arrest laws (allowing police officers to arrest and detain people for hours without paperwork), tough bail and parole conditions and punitive sentencing regimes.
  • An increased focus on prevention and rehabilitation, rather than years in prison. such as community centres, rehabilitation centres, house arrest, parole, fines, mental health treatment, restorative justice, boot camp, halfway houses and drug courts.

We have chosen prison as a way to solve the crime when there are a variety of ways we could have chosen to respond to this issue.

Please help make a difference by signing this petition and hopefully we can make a difference in how First Nations communities are treated.